In order to simplify the buying and selling of loot and equipment the following rules are being used.

Bargaining is an automatic skill that each character has a certain proficiency at. It simply adds to or subtracts from the market cost of items being traded. A character’s bargaining percentage is equal to the average of his total value in Appraise and Gather Information. The number is not rounded off, and half points are kept. This yields a percentage value that adds directly to the percentage value the character would normally get for the item. It subtracts from the cost of items being bought, which usually starts at 100%. It adds to the value of items sold, which usually starts at 50%. A character with a 20 appraise and 20 gather information would subtract 20% from the cost of items bought, paying only 80% of market value, while he would add the value to the price of items sold, generally earning 70% of the item’s value.

In order to gain this benefit, the character must make a Gather Information check in order to find the item he is seeking, and this takes the normal amount of time for such a check, 1d4 hours. Characters who do not wish to spend this kind of time looking for the best deals can buy for 100% of market value and sell for 50% of market value, at the DM’s discretion.

The DC for the Gather Information check is 15, modified by the following criteria.

Community Size Modifier
Thorp +4
Hamlet +2
Village +1
Small Town +0
Large Town +0
Small City -1
Large City -2
Metropolis -3
Planar Metropolis -5
Item Cost Modifiers
Less Than Community Limit +0
Greater Than Community Limit +5
Per 2000 gp +2
Qualities Modifiers
Poor -2
Standard +0
Masterwork +2
Magic By Cost

This system is not intended to replace roleplaying. If there is a shifty shopkeeper in town, buying from him follows the normal rules of influencing an NPC, and he still acts within the scope of those rules. This is intended to allow the GM to shoot from the hip when many characters are attempting to buy things, or when the PC’s attempt to buy stuff in an area that is not fleshed out. It also speeds up the process of selling loot, and encourages the party to have at least one person who is good at Gather Info and Appraise, both of which are easily overlooked but can be useful.


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