Allowed Materials

I generally allow most stuff from just about any official D&D material. I’ve been known to update material from 2nd edition and from 3.0 to make it work. Many of the characters in this campaign started off as 2nd edition characters. Lasia Manskie, for instance, has some spells that I culled from the old 4 part Wizard’s Spellbooks series.

I just introduced Dragonstar, so the material from there is of limited availability. The primary world contains elements of normal fantasy, steampunk, Arabian Nights, and Oriental Adventures.

I generally lean towards allowing something before disallowing. For instance, I’ve had my fill of duskblades, so Burana Kaldryn will be the only player character duskblade in my campaign. The only barred classes at this time are:

  • Duskblades(Seriously overpowered for my campaign. Just way too many spell slots for a full base attack bonus.)
  • Warlocks (Boring and identical. Basically, I see no reason for anyone to play one again, because we’ve seen all that they are capable of. The concept of someone who never runs out of power is incongruent with my campaign and my gming style, also.)

I also don’t really like classes that try to be everything. Everyone has a niche to fill, and characters like the factotum and the chameleon tend to step on the other players toes more often than not. I’m inclined to let characters continue on, even after I decided against allowing any others of their ilk to be made, but once a class, feat or other feature is out, it’s out for everyone.

Loophole seekers be warned: I will close any loophole you uncover, so basing your character on a loophole is never a good idea. Generally, anything that lets you exceed a core classes mechanical benefits in thier specialty is probably a loophole. If you find a way to have an attack bonus higher than any fighter could hope for or cast spells better than a full progression mage, you may have found a loophole. When picking a class, ask “if this feature doesn’t pan out, am I still going to want to play this class?”.

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