• Benjamin Razorscale

    Benjamin Razorscale

    A retired Imperial Rifleman, watching over a group of Outlanders as they explore the Dragon Empire.
  • Nathaniel Stormcloud

    Nathaniel Stormcloud

    Infiltrator from Mimic Mansion, a captain in the Queen of Callahorne's Silver Guard.
  • Nora Deveaux

    Nora Deveaux

    Priestess of Kord in high favor.
  • Rokko Stout

    Rokko Stout

    Eldritch disciple of Yondalla's dark side.
  • Saraphean Hydraveil

    Saraphean Hydraveil

    Half water-elemental rogue from Sigil, and a highly placed member of the Fated.
  • Valkas


    An incredibly powerful evoker, descended from a long line of proud dwarven warriors.